3 Card Poker Strategy & Tips

tips & tactics for online three card poker

Three card poker (usually just referred to as tri card poker) is a fun poker variation that gives you a bit of a break from the monotony of traditional poker games. This face-paced and thrill-paced game is best played after determining your best strategy for winning. Since Three Card Poker is the best online casino games in my opinion. There are two areas where you can win: beating the dealer with a better hand and getting at least a pair in your hand of the three cards. Below are some 3-card poker articles you may find useful.

3 Card Poker Strategy: Optimal Hands

In order to play a decent hand, you will need decent cards dealt to you. To understand when to stay or fold is critical because you are working with only three cards in your hand. While playing 3 Card Poker, you will need to pick your battles and avoid letting your ego get in your way. Depending on what was dealt to you, you have the decision to either bet or fold. The hand rankings for Three Card Poker are not the same as a lot of the other poker games available. The ranking of the hands are:

  • Straight Flush
  • Three of a Kind
  • Straight
  • Flush
  • Two of a Kind (Pair)
  • Single (High Card)

Typically, the house will have a 3.5% advantage over the other players, but the dealer will need at least a Queen or high to qualify. If you do not believe that you don't have a chance in winning the hand, folding is your best option. You are not playing against the other players in 3 Card Poker, only the dealer is the one that you are playing against. If you are dealt a hand that is lower than a Queen, Six, and Three, folding is also wise to do because the odds of winning are far too low.

3 Card Poker Strategy: Top Advice on Playing 3 Card Poker

With any game of change, quitters never win! Although you should have some type of "top dollar" amount (money you're willing to part with) in mind when playing 3 card poker or any game of chance for that matter – too many times a player who is new to a game will not give it a real chance if he or she loses a hand or two from the get-go. The only way to get that lost money back is to use a better, more effective strategy and take it back by winning.

Aggressive play is not the best strategy in 3 card poker, but playing conservatively is smart. Maintain a point of view to avoid over betting on low value hands. Taking a break every thirty minutes to see where you stand with your bankroll. In Three Card Poker it is easy to become quite frustrated and tense while you play as play is rapid. When you take a five minute break, you have a chance to calm down, collect your thoughts, and you will feel a bit refreshed when you jump back in the game.

Before you dive in head first, it is advisable to start out small, until you get use to the high paced game of Three Card Poker. Setting a time limit is also a great strategy. Even though it seems illogical to walk away during a winning streak, but if you are at the table for over twelve hours – you might see things a little bit differently.

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Where To Play 3 Card Poker

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