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baccarat tipsThere are those who say that looking for effective strategies for any game of chance is at best a fool's errand. This is especially true in the case of online casino games like Baccarat with it's simple rules and total lack of control over the cards you draw. Having said that, there are some specific things you should think about before diving into the wonderful world of online Baccarat play. Doing so, might help maximize your gains and can definitely help minimize your losses. Visit the links below to find information ranging from the rules of Baccarat to where you can play baccarat online.

Baccarat Strategy: Trend Spotting

If you have searched the net for Baccarat Strategies you'll see there are actually people out there offering "mathematically based" systems you can buy to help you win at Baccarat. If these "systems"" truly worked, do you think online and brick and mortar casinos would keep offering the game? Most of these systems rely on mathematical calculations based on that age old Baccarat Strategy: Trend Spotting. If you've ever seen Baccarat played in a "brick and mortar" casino you undoubtedly noticed the scorecards and pencils the casino makes available to the players. Players frenetically make notes on previous hands in the mistaken belief that predictive patterns or trends will become apparent. This practice is easily transferred into your living room where you play Baccarat online, but it will yield no better results than it does in the casino. This is a card game: the rules of random chance should tell you that what happened in previous hands has nothing to do with what happens in the next hand. Forget this strategy. Casinos promote it to keep players at the table.

Baccarat Strategy: House Advantages

What is the "House Advantage", or the "House Edge" as it is sometimes called? It's a statistical probability that over a period of time, the house will win more than the player. One reason for the ever increasing popularity of online Baccarat is that the House Edge in Baccarat is lower here than in almost all other online gambling offerings. Estimates of the House Advantage show numbers as low as 1.06% on a dealer bet to 1.24% on a player bet. Understanding the House Advantage is something specific you can take into account before betting. This is the area of Baccarat where some elements of strategy can come into play: betting.

Baccarat Strategy: The Fool's Bet

The payout on a tie bet in Baccarat is quite high -- from 8 or 9 to 1, depending on the house rules. To some this makes the tie bet a very attractive proposition. Others see this bet as a complete fool's choice, one that should never, under any circumstances, be placed. Why not? The House Advantage on a Tie Bet is enormous -- close to 16% in some calculations.

Baccarat Strategy: The Winning Bet

Your best bet -- and some say the only bet -- you can place is on the dealer. Over time you will win more or lose less if you consistently bet on the dealer. Although the house edge shows this is the choice to make, betting on the house every time can make for a boring experience. It ignores the fact that people play Baccarat to have fun as well as to win money. To enjoy the game while giving yourself the best chance of winning look for casinos with the lowest commissions. Also the odds of winning in a game using 6 decks are better than in games using 8 decks. Enjoy the game and good luck at the tables!

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Where To Play Baccarat

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