Blackjack Rules For Online Play

how to play online blackjack

online blackjack rulesFans of the game of blackjack are thrilled to find out that they can play the game online in all of its glory. Yes, blackjack has arrived on the gaming scene and has become very popular in online casinos. The game is simple enough: your goal is to have a total value of cards in your hand without going over "21". If you by chance go over twenty one, you "bust". In this game, you only play against the dealer, which means that you have to get closer to twenty one than the dealer does in order to win the game. All of the face cards—Jack, Queen, and King are each worth ten points, the numbered cards are their face value (ex. Five of Spades is worth five points), and the Ace is either worth one or eleven points. The best hand possible that you can get which will beat out other card totals of twenty one is "Black Jack", a two card hand value of twenty one points; the blackjack hand will consist of an Ace (eleven points) and a face card (ten points). If you want some tips on how to play this popular online casino game please check out the article below. I have also included other links you may find useful.

Place the Bet

Once you are ready to play blackjack, you will place your bet. The bets are determined by what kind of table that you are playing at; for instance, if you are sitting at a $5 minimum table, all bets must equal to or more than $5. After you place your bet, you will receive two cards on the table facing up. The dealer will then have two cards as well, but one card will be face down, and the other card face up. Once you tally up your score, you will let the dealer know if you want to "stand" or "hit." If you "stand," you will receive no more cards and play only the cards that were dealt to you. If you decide to "hit", then the dealer will keep dealing cards to you until you either decide to "stand" or you go "bust" which means that you go over twenty one.

Once all players have decided to "stand," the dealer will then reveal both of his cards and deal cards to himself until he beats the players score, hits twenty one, or busts. Typically, if the dealer's hand is lower than sixteen, they will "hit." You will win if you beat the dealer, and you will get paid 1:1. However, if you score a 21 blackjack, you will get paid 3:2.

Additional Rules

Once you understand the basic gist of the game, you can continue to learn more blackjack skills, like "doubling down." When you "double down," you double your bet after receiving your initial hand dealt by the dealer. You get only one more card when you announce this play. You also have the choice to "split" after both cards have been dealt to you. "Split" refers to separating your hand into two hands during play.

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