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blackjack tipsOne of the most popular casino games around, blackjack, is fun, exciting, and keeps people coming back for more. Especially with the popular site, Begado Casino players from around the world, even the USA, compete against the dealer to win real money, all from the comfort of their own home. Once you understand the rules for blackjack, here are some strategy points to help you maximize your winnings. There are several variations of Blackjack so I have added some links below to the rules of each variant. This will help you find the game that is the perfect match for you. I have also added a link to our online Blackjack rules article.

Understand the Rules and House Advantage

There are different rules for blackjack that exist where it not only affects the advantage of the house, but it will also affect the chances for you to win. While some of the rules are there due to local regulations and/or laws, many others are imposed by the casino or Internet sites themselves. Remember, the house always has the advantage.

One important tip to follow is for you to look at all of the different tables that are available before you sit down blindly and start playing. Find a table that works best for you—if you enjoy a table that is fast paced and exciting, or if you want to relax and bet at your leisure, there will be a table for you. Also, when you sit at specialty tables that offer insurance, another rule/option placed on a few tables; skip it, as it is usually called a "sucker's bet."

While managing your money as you go from table to table or while currently playing the one that you are at for long periods of time, never out play your budget. If you set a budget for yourself and stick to it, you will prevent a host of problems a few hours into gaming when you are unnecessary stressing because you added more money to your bankroll, because you are trying to win back what you lost.

Counting the Cards

Find out before you sit down how many decks the dealer uses in blackjack. Once you have an idea on how many decks that the dealer will use, the easier it would be for you to keep track of cards. By keeping track of the face cards and aces dealt out onto the table will help you achieve victory that much quicker. If you know that the dealer uses four standard sized decks and all sixteen of the Aces have been used, chances are on your side to know that the dealer will not be able to score a twenty one with his two initial cards.

Follow Charts

Making your own chart of mathematical probabilities of what hand could be and has been played is also beneficial for any skill level blackjack player. Allowing for different variations will help you reduce the house edge from 8% all the way down to as low as 1.5%. When making your own chart, keep the left vertical column as your hand and the top horizontal as the dealer's hand. When you line up the two, it will show what correct play that will be optimal for you during Blackjack.

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