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how to play roulette - rouletteBodog is likely the most recognizable name in the online gambling industry. They accept players from around the world and offer poker, sports betting, and many other various casino games. This article will objectively analyze both the pros and the cons of playing roulette online at Bodog.
The advantages to playing roulette online at Bodog are numerous. Bodog is respected and established, meaning that they have great e-mail support teams and will definitely not attempt to "pull a fast one" on you when it comes to paying you. They also have excellent deposit and withdraw options, which is a big deal when it comes to online gambling. Bodog is as professional as it gets. Bodog's software, especially its casino software is state of the art. I have not found an online casino that can rival Bodog's technology across the board. Also, Bodog is your best option if you are looking for one website to play poker and casino games online.

Bodog offers a 10% deposit bonus, which will help you get off to a good start and they offer many exclusive, free tournaments and bonuses if you play regularly. Simply put, if you are a loyal, honest Bodog customer, they will treat you right and make your online visits worth your while. Bodog also offers a European roulette version, which is a must in my opinion. This will cut the house edge in half to a very reasonable 2.70%. In addition, Bodog has a killer free roulette system. If you are ever bored and would like to play roulette online for free, Bodog is the place to go. There are no downloads required and no strings attached, you can play state of the art Roulette online for free.

I am a big fan of Bodog for the most part, but they are far from being a perfect choice for online roulette. The first problem I have with Bodog is that they do not offer the "en prison" rule. This rule saves you on even money bets if you lose by the ball landing on the 0 often and cuts the house edge down to 1.35% on even money bets. I should be content with Bodog offering European roulette which only features 1 zero compared to American roulette which features a zero and a double zero, but you always want more as a player. Also, Bodog's deposit bonus is pretty weak. Most casinos offer between a 50-110% bonus on whatever your first deposit is, while Bodog offers just 10%. This should not be your deciding factor when it comes down to which casino to choose, but it can mean leaving hundreds of extra dollars on the table.

All in all, Bodog offers an excellent option for those of you who are looking to play roulette online. They go out of their way to offer an excellent free roulette version, even though they do not profit from it in the least bit. It is tough to go wrong with Bodog, they make an excellent choice.

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We think Bodog Casino is the number one when it comes to playing roulette. You will find there an exciting game interface that will keep you coming back for more. Bodog Casino is one of the few Internet casinos where the no-download version doesn't stand behind the download one. So you will enjoy playing roulette there even if you are a mac user. Getting started is easy: You register for an account, make a deposit, and then enjoy this exciting game of chance.

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