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How to play caribbean draw poker

The major difference between Caribbean Draw Poker and the traditional game of 5 Card Draw Poker we all know and love is that here you play head-to-head directly against the dealer, not against the other players around the table. This game is largely an online creation with some bells and whistles like the inclusion of a Progressive Jackpot to entice players. There are several types of "Caribbean XXX Poker" so I have added links below that will take you to the related articles. This is certainly one of the best casino games I have ever played. If you are ready to play for free or for money please visit our Casino review. Let's see how the game is played.

Caribbean Draw Poker: Game Play

Play begins with everyone placing an ante in the pot, the size of which is set by the house rules. In the initial deal all players get five cards, dealt face down. The dealer, however, gets four cards dealt face down with the fifth and final card placed face up. After the starting deal each player can discard and select up to 2 new cards, not the usual 5 you are allowed to draw in a standard 5 card Draw Poker Game. Now players can fold or bet, with the bet equaling an amount doubling the initial ante. Remember you are playing against the dealer, so the dealer's draw of up to 2 cards is key. After this draw the dealer's hand must qualify to continue the game with a pair of 8's or higher. So what happens if the dealer doesn't qualify to keep playing the game? Players win even money (1 to 1) on their initial ante and keep the amount of their second bet, double the amount of the initial ante. Since the dealer will only qualify about half the time, you should never fold in the opening round of this game. After all, why fold when you'll have a winning hand -- regardless of its value -- roughly half the time in the event the dealer can't qualify.

Caribbean Draw Poker: Progressive Jackpot

Think of the Progressive Jackpot as a "side bet". Getting in on the Progressive Jackpot allows a player to get additional winnings regardless of whether the dealer qualifies or not. The size of your payout if you opt to bet on the Progressive Jackpot is determined by the value of your hand. Amounts vary from online casino to online casino but an additional $75 if you draw a flush is a good ballpark figure. Suppose you do draw that flush but you didn't opt into the Progressive Jackpot at the start of the game.

If the dealer didn't qualify or if your hand is better, you get even money (1 to 1) returned on your initial bet plus your raised bet. But selecting the Progressive Jackpot would yield an additional $75 on your side bet. There are five hands that would qualify you to win the Progressive Jackpot:

  • 1) a Flush
  • 2) a Full House
  • 3) 4 of a Kind
  • 4) a Straight Flush
  • 5) a Royal Flush

Some Online Casinos restrict the Progressive Jackpot to the hand you are dealt in the initial draw while others allow the subsequent draw to count. As already indicated, there are some differences in payouts across online casino sites. So get out there and find the online site that meets the needs of your pocketbook and start playing. Enjoy the game and good luck at the tables!

Where To Play Caribbean Draw

In our opinion Bodog Casino is the best place for playing Caribbean Draw Poker. This is not because there are only a few sites that offer this game at all, but Bodog is one of the most trustable and reputable brands in the online gambling industry. Worth a visit at anytime.

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