Caribbean Stud Poker Rules

How to play caribbean stud poker

caribbean stud rulesCaribbean Stud Poker differs from traditional Stud Poker in two ways:
1)players play against a dealer rather than against each other,
and 2) the game offers a "Progressive Jackpot" as an optional side bet that can significantly increase your potential winnings at a low cost.

I play this game quite a bit and have done fairly well with it. This is one of the best casino games because it has great odds and there is always the possibility of hitting a huge jackpot. I recently won $1,200 playing Caribbean Stud when I hit four of a kind. To avoid confusion I have added links below to some of the other Caribbean style casino games available at the major online casinos. You will also find a Caribbean Stud strategy article that will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Caribbean Stud Poker: Game Play

As is the case in almost all Poker Games, Caribbean Stud Poker begins with each player placing an initial ante into the pot. Each player then receives 5 cards, dealt face down while the dealer receives 5 cards but the final card is dealt face up. After the deal players can fold their hand and wait for a better day, or they can bet again. This second bet must be double the amount of the initial ante. The moment of truth is now at hand. The dealer turns over his or her hand (remember in online Caribbean Stud Poker the dealer is a sexless line of software code). And here's another difference in this game: the dealer must qualify to win. What constitutes a winning hand varies from online casino to online casino, but a pair of 8's or higher is a common standard.

If the dealer qualifies and "its" hand is better than yours, you lose it all, unless of course, you have placed a side bet on the "Progressive Jackpot" -- more on that in a minute. If the dealer doesn't qualify the player gets his or her raised bet back plus a 1 to1 return on the initial ante. If the player's hand beats the dealer's qualifying hand the player gets 1 to 1 on the ante and an additional payout based on the amount of the raised bet and the quality of the winning hand. For example, a winning hand of 3 of a kind pays 3 to 1 on that second bet. And if Lady Luck has really smiled upon you and you have a Royal Flush the payout amount is a whopping 100 to 1! These Payout Tables vary somewhat from online casino to online casino.

Caribbean Stud Poker: The Progressive Jackpot

For a measly $1 at the beginning of this game you can get a shot at the Progressive Jackpot. Experts will tell you not to fall for this since the odds of winning are low, but hey, it's only a buck and you're playing to have a little fun, right? And the potential payout's in the Progressive Jackpot should get anyone's blood pumping a little faster. To qualify for the jackpot you have to have a flush or better, and the payout amounts go up the better your hand is. Actual amounts vary by online casino, but all of them are pretty substantial, with as much as 100% of the total pot available.

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