En Prison Rule & La Partage Rule

Roulette en prison rule

Roulette - En Prison RuThere is one special, player friendly, unknown rule to many that can change the entire landscape of roulette, the "en prison" rule.
Here is a brief summary:
The "En prison" rule only effects even money bets and is only popular in Europe and high roller casinos in Las Vegas. If you make an even money bet, red/black, even/odd, low/high and you lose because the ball lands on the 0, you have a chance to get your initial wager back. Your initial bet will go "en prison" instead of into the casinos coffers. If the next spin results in what you initially bet, you receive your first wager back. Here's an example: You bet ten dollars on black. The ball lands on the 0. In most casinos, you would have already lost, however casinos that offer the en prison rule give you a chance. If the ball lands on black the next spin, you get your ten dollars back.

The en prison rule is rare, especially within online casinos that accept players from the United States. I have been in the online casino industry for a while, and I have yet to find a trustworthy room that offers the en prison rule. Again, you will find the en prison rule in high roller rooms in vegas and in the standard, run of the mill casinos found throughout Europe.

The "La Partage" rule is very similar to the En Prison rule. If you make an even money bet and you lose because the ball landed on 0, you immediately get half of your initial wager back. This will end up being equally friendly to players over time. Both the En Prison rule and the La Partage rule shrink the house edge casinos experience in half. The house edge in single zero roulette is normally 2.70%, but that diminishes to 1.35% when the En Prison rule or La Partage rule is enforced. It is also important to remember that these rules affect even money bets only, so if you are even able to play at a casino that offers one of these rules, make sure to make only even money bets.

Both of these rules offer excellent opportunities for players to retrieve money that would have otherwise been lost. Everyone who is familiar with casino games knows that it is all about reducing the house edge if you want to have a chance. The casino will still win out more times than not, but a 1.35% house edge is a very fair trade off for most players when you consider that you are also being entertained while playing as well.

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