European Roulette

European roulette

European RouletteThere are two distinct types of roulette: American roulette and European roulette. The only difference between the two variations is huge, American roulette has both a 0 and a double 0 while European roulette is much kinder to players, only featuring one 0. There are 38 slots on an American roulette board and 37 slots on a European board.

The difference between having a double zero on the board and not having one may seem miniscule, but it is huge. The house edge in 90% of bets in European roulette is a respectable 2.70%, the house edge in American roulette doubles almost to a whopping 5.26%. When playing casino games, house edge is everything. A 2.70% house edge is fair and gives the player a definite chance to succeed, if the overall sample size of spins is low enough. When the house edge balloons to 5.26%, the player is hardly ever given a chance.

A selection of a few casinos offer an "en prison" rule. If you come across a casino, online or in real life, that offers this as an option, consider yourself lucky! The En prison rule allows the player to divert his/her wager to "prison" instead of to the casinos coffers if he/she made an even money bet [Red/Black, Even/Odd, High/Low] and the ball landed on the 0. If you bet red, for example, and the ball landed on the 0, your money would be diverted to prison, if the next spin resulted in a red, you would get your initial wager back. This is obviously a player friendly rule and it can lower the house edge in roulette from 2.70% to 1.35%!

If you plan on playing roulette in an actual casino, please only give business to the casinos that feature single zero roulette, both parties will come out on top this way. The standard roulette table in Europe has just one zero, likewise, the standard roulette table in America has two zero's, but that does not mean that America is void of casino's that offer single zero roulette. The Monte Carlo casino is Las Vegas features single zero roulette, as well as dozens of other casinos scattered around the country. A quality casino that offers European roulette should not be too hard to find, you just have to do your homework beforehand.

If you are considering playing roulette online, Casino Club is your best choice, by far. It is the biggest, most respected casino that I know of that features European roulette or better said French Roulette [single zero roulette]. But if you are from the US or want to compare European over American roulette directly, then Online Vegas Casino is a must. In fact, all of the casino games at Casino Club and Online Vegas offer the best odds in the industry. They have the best software, the best support, the best withdraw and deposit options, and the best odds, they are a no brainer if you are looking for an online casino that you can trust.

Remember, when it comes to casino games, the smallest changes in odds/probabilities, house edge, or payouts can make a huge difference in your bottom line. Frequent only the casinos that give players a fair chance, online or an actual casino.

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