Face Up 21 Rules

how to play face up 21 blackjack

Tired of traditional Blackjack? Ever wish you had a peek at the dealer's hand? Then Face Up 21 is for you. So you love playing Blackjack but you've always hated not having any idea of the dealer's hand. Welcome to Face Up 21. This game is made for you -- the dealer's two cards are dealt face up. That's right. You know what the dealer has! But don't worry about internet casinos losing money on this game. They offset the advantage you get from "facing up" with lower payouts. All payouts in this game -- even Blackjack -- pay out at even money. So how do you win at this game? This is one of the best online casino games I have ever played.

Face Up 21: Game Play

Most online casinos use 8 decks in this game but you will do better if you find a casino that uses 6 decks as this lessens the house advantage. Before the cards are dealt the player must make a bet, with the amount falling within the online casino guidelines for minimum and maximum bets. Both player and dealer receive two cards -- dealt from the familiar "shoe" -- face up. The objective here is the same as in traditional Blackjack: get the highest point total without going over 21. If the dealer busts -- goes over 21 -- the player wins even money on the initial bet. The dealer wins all ties, unless the player has a natural Blackjack. If both player and dealer have blackjack the result is either a "push" (no winner or loser, players get their bets back) of the win goes to the player, depending on the house rules. If a player is dealt two cards of equal rank he or she can "split" the cards, essentially giving them two different hands to play. You can only split once in most online casinos. In addition, some casinos allow players to double down after an initial hit. As its name implies, doubling down is simply doubling the size of your initial bet.