House Edge In Blackjack

House Edge in Blackjack

online blackjack rulesWhen it comes to casino games, house edge is everything. Roulette, slots, and craps, three of the more popular casino games are notorious for offering horrible odds for the player. The house edge in those three games can range from between 2-17%, which is outrageous! The house edge in blackjack can be cut down to below 0.5% if you play with proper strategy, which is why blackjack is the most popular casino game. The house gets the advantage because the player has to make his/her moves first. This means that the player has the first opportunity to bust, which happens far too many times for my liking. However, one half of one percent of a house advantage is very intriguing.

Unfortunately most players do not experience a miniscule 0.5% house edge; the house edge in blackjack for a run of the mill player is between 1-3%, which is at least twice as high. An average blackjack player has no idea what a blackjack strategy card is, yet alone how to use it. The average player has misconceptions; he or she may think that never bust blackjack is a good strategy, when in fact it adds 3% to the house's edge. They may think that mimic the dealer blackjack or ten in the hole blackjack has merit. They may not take advantage of opportunities to double down or split. They might fall for common "traps" I.E. Early surrendering and buying insurance.

The average player is simply uninformed of proper strategy, which is why there are so many false allegations of online blackjack being rigged. Nothing about blackjack is rigged, there have been almost no cases of fraud with regards to online casino's in the past 10 years, these people are just searching for anyone or anything to blame their lack of success in the game on.
If you want to experience a 0.5% house edge in blackjack or perhaps lower, you will have to dedicate yourself to improving your game. Blackjack is a straightforward game, but there are intricacies here are there that trip many players up. Memorize a blackjack strategy card, this is one of the best things that you can do for your game. You will know when to hit, when to stand, when to split and when to double down, nothing will be left to your intuition. It is tempting to hit on 17 when the dealer is showing 10 and to stand on 12 after you have already busted 3 times in a row, but you will lose out in the long run if you make decisions based on emotion instead of logic.

No casino game has a negative house edge, the casino would be out of business within days, but there is one way to lower the house edge in blackjack to virtually 0%. You will have to learn how to count cards. It is not easy, not glamorous, and it does not work for everyone, but if you are committed enough you will succeed over time. Movies like 21 make it seem like card counting is a piece of cake, you will have to play roughly 100 hours of blackjack before you start to see actual results, depending on which system you use. There are so many ways to screw the count up, especially if you are not a math guy/girl or you are not focusing all of your attention on the game.

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