Online Keno Rules

how to play keno on the internet

online keno rulesKeno is a game that will come naturally to most players. the simplicity of it attracts a lot of attention. Play Keno online is a lot like playing the lottery. Most countries and all U.S. states have their own lottery so the concept will be very easy to understand. Basically you just pick 15 numbers and there are 80 numbers in total. A computer randomly picks 20 numbers just like how they pick the winning numbers for the lotto. You win by picking the right numbers. Keno is a common online casino game that is available at most internet casinos.

How To Pick Numbers In Keno

if you have some lucky numbers you can manually pick your numbers but most people prefer to use the 'auto pick" feature. This allows the computer to randomly pick all of your numbers for you.

Bets In Keno

You can make a wide range of bets in Keno. At Pure Vegas for instance you can bet from $.01 to $10 per game. The more you bet the higher the payout will be when you hit 3 or more numbers.

Payouts In Keno

The payout structure for online keno is standardized throughout the industry. Below is a list of the payouts for keno:

  • 3 - 4 matching Numbers - This pays you 1/2 of what you bet. That may sound somewhat lame but hitting three numbers is very common.
  • 5 Matching Numbers - Matching 5 numbers in keno is equivalent to breaking even.
  • 6 Matching Numbers - This is where the profits start coming in. You will be paid twice what you bet when you hit 6 numbers.
  • 7 Matching Numbers - This pays out 5 time what you bet.
  • 8 Matching Numbers - This pays out 15 times what you bet.
  • 9 Matching Numbers - Hitting 9 numbers will give you a 50X payout.
  • 10 Matching Numbers - If you are lucky enough to match 10 numbers you can expect to receive 150 times what you bet.
  • 11 Matching Numbers - 300X
  • 12 Matching Numbers - 600X
  • 13 Matching Numbers - 1200X
  • 14 Matching Numbers - 2500X
  • 15 Matching Numbers - This is the ultimate prize in Keno. Match all 15 numbers and you will receive 10,000X what you bet. That means if you bet $5 you will win $50,000!