Let'em Ride Poker Strategy & Tips

Tips & strategies for Let 'em Ride

let'em ride tipsLet 'em Ride is one of the most popular casino games that you'll find in the online casino nowadays – and it seems that everyone wants a piece of the action. (You may have played this game in casinos as 'Let It Ride'). Let 'em Ride is a poker variation where the players play against the house, not against one another – which is a unique twist. The best strategy and approach to "Let 'em Ride" is to know when to pull back the bets or to proceed. Once you fully understand the rules of the game, reviewing the first three cards in your hand will help you understand if your hand is profitable, or if you should pull back. Let's look at common Let 'Em Ride strategies. If you don't know how to play read the article below before learning these Let'em Ride poker tips.

When to Let 'em Ride

The best three card hands for "letting 'em ride" is any paying hand (which is tens or better, 3 of a kind); any three to a Royal Flush; three suited cards in consecutive order where the highest card is more than 4; three to a straight flush with a high card of 10 or better; or three to a straight flush with two high cards. Four card Let 'em Ride hands should be played out if you have any paying hand (tens or better, two pair, 3 of a kind); any four to a royal flush, straight flush, or flush; or any four to an outside straight (with one high card). Keep in mind that outside straights are optimal in this game. The reason? You have eight cards that can be used to complete the straight; with an inside straight, you have only four.

Three and Four Card Let 'em Ride Strategy

When you are dealt you first three cards in Let 'em Ride, refer to the best hands above. If you have any other combination than those listed as the best hands at this point, pull back your second bet or avoid making the second bet. Again, refer to the four card best hand bets; if you don't see your combination there, then avoid betting.

House Edge

With Let 'em Ride, there is a house edge which is approximately 3.5%, and these hand selections are based on that fact. There can be differing payouts on different tables – but in general, these hands are the best to play.

Side Bets

Many casinos (online and offline) offer different side bets. As a general rule of thumb, avoid side bets – they are almost always in favor of the house. However, if there is a progressive jackpot that has become higher than the return ratio as compared to the odds of a progressive hand being dealt to you – then go for it.

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