Never Bust Blackjack

Never Bust blackjack

online blackjack rulesThe thought behind never bust blackjack is simple, never bust. If you never bust playing blackjack it will be tough to lose, right?
Unfortunately never bust blackjack is one of the dumbest, but also most popular strategy in blackjack. Sure, you will never bust, but 12, 13, 14, 15's… those are pretty weak hands in blackjack, the dealer, and therefore the casino, whether online or real, will eat that up. The normal house edge in blackjack ranges from between 0.3 - 0.7% depending on how many decks are used, whether the dealer hits on soft 17's, and the player's strategy. Playing never bust blackjack skyrockets the house's edge a whopping 1000%, up to nearly 4%. Instead of being almost even with the house, losing just 5 cents on a 10 dollar bet over time, you are going to lost 40 cents on a 10 dollar bet.

The player has the option to split, double down, buy insurance, and surrender early… The player also has free will; he/she can stand on 15 and hit on 18 if he/she feels it is in their best interest. The dealer has none of these advantages, but still comes out ahead most of the time. This is because the player has to act first, which means the player has the first opportunity to bust. After the player busts, the hand is over and the house wins, period. Considering there is roughly a 28% chance of busting on an average hand, the player only has a chance to win 72% of the hands, which puts him/her at a huge disadvantage. It is natural to want to have a chance to come out on top on 100% of hands, that is what never bust blackjack allows you to do; unfortunately it simply does not work.

If you are desperate to get a leg up on the house, that extra 0.1 - 0.5% edge, then you have to do two things. First, you need to memorize a blackjack strategy card if you have not done so already. These cards will dramatically improve your game, they will virtually take all human error out of the equation and force you to use logic instead of emotion, which is a plus in a game like blackjack, based on odds and probabilities. The average blackjack player experiences a 2 - 3% house edge instead of a 0.3 - 0.7% edge because he/she does not follow a blackjack strategy card. Your second option is to learn how to count cards. Counting is not easy, it does not always work, and actual casino's frown upon counters, but it can be dangerous when used correctly.

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