Pai Gow Poker Rules

Learn how to play pai gow poker

pai gow poker strategyThe game of Pai Gow comes off as somewhat intimidating online casino game to the novice player; however, once the player understands the basic, simple rules of the game, it is actually quite fun and exciting to play. Pai Gow is a slow game and those players that are used to faster games such as Texas Hold 'em will be in for somewhat of a surprise when they start playing. Once you understand the rules, especially with the number of "pushes" available, the players will soon appreciate this interesting game that gives you the opportunity to be the "banker" – an exciting twist that most players love. Please check out our Pai Gow strategy article below.

Pai Gow Play

In order to begin, the players will need to place their bets at the table. Once all players have placed their respected bets, the dealer will then proceed to deal out seven cards to the participating players. Once the cards are received, players arrange their hands for the best possible two card and five card hand. The five cards are ranked the same as any other poker game.

The dealer will arrange their hand according to the "house rules," and then the player's five card hand is compared to the five card hand of the dealers, where the two card hands are then compared as well. For the comparison of the hands, the high hand will always win. However, if the hands match (called a "copy"), that match will go to the dealer. If the player happens to beat the dealer, the player gets paid one to one, and will then pay the house a five percent commission. At the same time, if the player loses one hand, and wins the other, then the hand is considered a "push." The bet will be lost if a player loses two hands. When setting up the two cards, keep in mind that they cannot be higher than the five card hand. If this happens to be the case in some instances, the player immediately loses the round.

Pai Gow is played with a standard fifty two card deck and also with a Joker, which is used as a wild card only to be used that way to complete a straight flush, a standard flush, or a straight. Anything other than those three hands, the Joker will then be considered an Ace for the rest of the play.

During the game, all the players have a chance to be the banker. The bank rotates in a clockwise direction, so that everyone at the table has an opportunity to be the banker. Unlike other poker games where the dealer/banker is set in place by the casino, Pai Gow gives everyone a chance. As the banker, the bank wagers against the other players at the table, and the player who is the banker must cover at least half of the bets against them.

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