Pai Gow Poker Strategy

Tips & tactics for Pai Gow Poker

pai gow poker rulesPai Gow is a very unique online casino game. The object of Pai Gow is to create two hands — one five card hand and one two card hand from the seven cards that were dealt to them from the dealer. The five card hand is ranked the same as in Five Card Draw, and the two hand card is used for a tie breaker against the dealer. Pai Gow is a great bet for your bankroll if you want to spend some time playing one particular game. A list of the more important strategies is outlined below including a link to our Pai Gow rules article.

Be the Banker

The best strategy in Pai Gow is to be the banker. This is the only game where the player has a chance to be the banker and take advantage of the game. However, this option does come with a small price. The price is a 5% commission that is charged to all bets that win. When you are the banker, the actual casino dealer becomes the player and bets the casino's money against you. The casino usually will limit the player bet to the same amount of the player's last bet before they became the banker.

Rules of Thumb

Listed below are some rules of thumb to help you set your hand for the win against the dealer. The five card hand needs to be stronger than the two card hand to qualify. Once you assemble your five card hand, put the best remaining cards in the two card hand. If you unfortunately do not have any pairs in your hand, it is advisable to put the highest card in the five card hand and the second highest card in the two card hand, and use those two as your new two card hand.

If you happen to have one pair, use the pair in the five card hand, and take the two high cards in the five card hand and use them in the two card hand. When you are dealt two pairs, put the higher of the two pair in your five card hand, and the lesser pair in the two card hand. If you are fortunate enough to have three pairs from the deal, put the highest pair in your two card hand, and keep the other two pair in your five card hand.

If you are dealt a straight, place the lower cards that will complete the straight in the five card hand. If you are dealt a flush, keep the low cards that complete the flush in the five hand card.

Managing the Bankroll

Always keep a set budget in mind when you play Pai Gow. It is often easy to get caught up in the moment, and the next thing you know, your personal bank account is in the negative. If this happens, set up certain times when you allow yourself time to play. Also, set up a set amount lesser than your bankroll. Once you hit that amount, stop playing and walk away. Have fun when you play Pai Gow.

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