Pontoon Card Game Strategy

tips & tactics for the pontoon casino game

pontoon game tipsSince Pontoon is closely similar to Blackjack and Twenty-one, a lot of the strategies are the same- you can mix chance and skill and possibly walk away with a big bank roll. This is a relatively unknown casino game online but is somewhat popular offline. Once you have learned the many aspects and variations of the game Pontoon, follow closely to these tried-and-true Pontoon strategies: The main point players will need to remember is that the fluctuations for Pontoon are typically higher than a traditional blackjack game. This is because the advantage of the two to one payouts on a few unique winning hands. When the player receives a Pontoon—an Ace and a Ten value card, that payout is two to one. Now if a player has had five cards drawn to them and they still do not equal twenty one, the player receives a payout of two to one. if you are not absolutely sure how to play Pontoon you can check out the rules article found below.

While playing Pontoon, the biggest strategy correlates to the number of cards that are dealt to you. If you have a four card hand, double down on any of the hands that do not equal seventeen or higher. Since it is not wise to bust a four hand with an amount less than seventeen, by getting the fifth card, the payout will be a four to one payout of the original bet.

Understanding the Rules of Pontoon

Regardless of whatever game you decide to play, it is important that you understand the rules if you want to win. Remember that Pontoon is similar to Blackjack, except for a few minor variations, but that adds to the excitement of this highly exciting and addicting game. One such variation is during the double down—in standard Blackjack, you can only do it once, where in Pontoon you can do it on the second, third, or even fourth bet. Study the game carefully, and you will already be on the way to being closer to winning.

Utilizing a Strategy Table for Pontoon

Another smart strategy to play Pontoon is to either download a Pontoon Strategy Table, which is easily available on the Internet or even available at the online casino. These tables will offer detailed charts of what to do during every step during the game. If you decide to play with a Pontoon Strategy Table, you can lower the edge of the house to down to less than .38%, which is one of the lowest edge that is available in any online casino.

The strategy table that you download is a simple to follow charting system that lists all possible hands that are in play. By following the chart, it will tell you to either hit, stand, double down (if allowed), or Split (if allowed).

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