Red Dog Poker Rules

how to play red dog poker

red dog tipsThe game of Red Dog has increased in popularity in recent years due to the popularity explosion of online casinos. In my honest opinion Red Dog is one of the best internet casino games ever invented. Red Dog is also known by other names such as "In Between the Sheets" and "Acey-Duecey." The game is easy to play and a perfect fit for many types of gamblers because the game play is quick and addictive. If you are interested in playing a game where you can have some fun without all of the risks of regular poker, then Red Dog is for you. If you know how to play Red Poker poker you might want to take a look at the strategy article below.

To begin play, you are dealt two cards face up; the bet is then played if the next card that is dealt will be between the two cards dealt to the player. The object of the game is to have the third card to be between the two other cards. The payout if you win will vary because of the first two cards dealt to the player. Since Red Dog is a game of chance, there is some risk involved with the game, and a few of the spreads will pay out more than others.

Value of the Cards

Red Dog is different from other games because the values of the cards are different. All of the numbered cars are at face value (ex. Two of Spades is worth two points; Four of Clubs is worth four points, etc.). The remaining cards are valued as follows: The Jack is worth eleven, the Queen is worth twelve, the King is worth thirteen points, and the Ace is worth fourteen.

The Rules

The rules are simple for Red Dog. If the first two cards that you are dealt are the same, you will then be dealt another card. If that third card is the same as the first two cards dealt, you will be paid a ratio of 11 to 1 of the original bet. Now, if the value of the third card is different from the first two cards that are of the same value, the player's hand is then considered a "push." Also, if the two original cards that are dealt to the player are consecutive (as an example: four of Clubs and five of Clubs), this hand will also be considered a push, and no third card will be dealt to the player.


If you happen to have the third card fall between the two face cards, you will win the spread. The lists of payouts are as follows:

  • a card that falls within a one card spread will pay out 5 to 1
  • a two card spread will pay out 4 to 1
  • a three card spread will pay 2 to 1
  • four cards and above spreads will pay out 1 to 1.

For example, if you placed a bet of ten dollars and the two cards dealt to you are a four and a ten. The spread between these two cards is decent; if the third card is either a Five, Six, Seven, or an Eight, you will win the bet and receive $10 for making the spread.

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