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Sic Bo Rules

Sic Bo RulesSic Bo is an intriguing game which makes use of three dices. Sic Bo is gaining more popularity as players find themselves looking for exciting games which can provide them with hours of fun and plenty of chances to win. The game of Sic Bo provides players with many options and has a wide range of payouts. The rules take a little while to fully understand. However, the game is exciting and well worth learning for anyone wanting to play a great game with a lot to offer.

In the game of Sic Bo, there are several areas on the game's table players will use to place their wagers. The dices will be used in order to dictate the results of those bets. The Sic Bo gaming table contains six betting areas which are placed on the bottom section of the table. This area is used for the single digit bets. This means that a player will get paid 1 to 1 should one of those dice come up being one of those numbers they bet. The player will be paid 2 to 1 if two of those dice come up as two of the dice come up as the numbers bet. Players will be paid out 3 to 1 if three of the dice all come up with the numbers bet.

There are also two number combos players can bet on. This means that the player will be placing a bet on a two dice combination. If a player bets on a 2, 6 number combination and the dice roll a 5, 2, 6 then the player will be paid on the bet 6 to 1. This is due to the fact that a player is only allowed to win on one of the two number bets. If a player places a three number wager and the roll of the dice results in all three numbers showing up, the payouts will go according to the payout table provided on the game. When a player places a three number wager, the digits shown on the dice will be combined. The totals will have their own odds. A combination that comes to 3 or 18 will be a loss. Players can also wager on ranges of the combinations and they can place triplet bets. This means if a player had placed a bet on three 6's, they would win at 150-1 odds.

It will take some getting used to for those who are new to the game of Sic Bo to get the different payouts down. However, with a little studying of the table a player will soon have it down and be able to enjoy the game and all that it has to offer. Anyone who has been interested in playing the game of Sic Bo will be glad to know that it is available at many of the online casinos; this means they can enjoy it any time they feel like logging online and playing Sic Bo.

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